What To Do When Your Phone Won’t Charge And How To Fix It?

You’re Not The Only One Having Trouble Getting Your Phone To Charge. Many People Have Had The Same Problem, But You Can Take Steps To Fix It. This Is How.

Restart your phone

There Are A Few Things You Can Try If Your Phone Won’t Charge. One Is To Turn Your Phone Back On. This Will Free Up All Of The Computer’s Resources And Let The Battery Charge. It Will Also Get Rid Of Any Background Services That Might Be Running.

Try Connecting The Device To A Computer As Another Option. Also, You Can Try Updating Your Software. If Your Phone’s Battery Can Be Taken Out, You Can Force It To Restart By Taking It Out. Even Though This Method Won’t Always Fix The Problem, At Least It Will Get The Device Back Up And Running.

Check To See If There Is Anything Stuck In The Charging Port Or Cable. Make Sure The Charging Port Is Clean And Firmly Plugged In. You Could Also Try Using A Different Usb Adapter Or Outlet.

Some Smartphones Can Get Stuck In A Boot Loop That Keeps Them From Turning On. You Can Avoid This, Though, If You Restart Your Device. Most Of The Time, This Will Fix The Problem.

After You Do This, Your Device Will Start Up As Usual. Depending On The Type Of Phone You Have, You May Be Asked To Choose A Wireless Network.

If You Want To Turn Your Phone Back On, You Have To Hold Down The Power Button For A While. This Should Give Your Device Enough Time To Start Up. About A Minute Later, You’ll See A Menu Asking You To Choose “Restart” Or “Reboot.”

To Restart An Android Phone, Hold Down The Power Button And The Volume Down Button At The Same Time. You Can Hold Both Buttons Down On A Modern Phone For More Than 30 Seconds. The Icon That Shows Up Depends On What Kind Of Phone You Have.

Sign In To Your Google Account Is Another Thing You Can Do. This Lets You Restore Your Device From A Backup Or Go Back To How It Was When It Was First Made. But You Might Not Be Able To Do This If You Are Using A Third-Party App.

That’s Why You Should Try To Get Rid Of Any Apps On The Device That You Don’t Trust.

If Nothing Else Works, You Can Also Try A Hard Reset. It’s Not Always A Good Idea To Do A Hard Reset, Since Some Models Might Not Be Able To Do This. For This To Work, You Will Need To Leave The Phone Plugged In For At Least 15 Minutes.

You Can Also Try Docking The Device With Your Laptop If The Battery Still Won’t Charge.

Whether You’re Trying To Fix A Dead Phone Or A Broken Charger, You Should Try These Things First Before Calling Your Service Provider Or Taking The Phone To An Official Shop. If You Don’t, You Might Have To Buy A New Phone Or A New Screen.

Ensure That The Charging Port Is Clean.

If The Charging Port On Your Phone Isn’t Working Right, You May Need To Clean It. Over Time, Dust, Lint, And Other Things Can Get Stuck In The Port, Making It Impossible For Your Phone To Charge. There Are Different Ways To Clean Your Port.

Compressed Air Is One Of The Most Common Ways To Do This. A Can Of Compressed Air Can Be Bought At An Electronics Store Near You. It Is A Powerful And Easy-To-Use Tool. But You Shouldn’t Use It Too Much Because Too Much Air Can Hurt The Port.

When Using Compressed Air, Be Careful Not To Let Any Liquid Into The Port.

You Can Also Use A Dry Cotton Swab To Clean Your Charging Port. This Is An Easy Way To Clean Your Port That Works Very Well. The Cotton Swab Is Not Dangerous And Will Not Hurt Your Phone. A Swab Can Also Be Used To Get Rid Of Crusts That Form On The Port.

Keeping The Charging Port On Your Phone Clean Can Help You Avoid Getting Charged For Things You Didn’t Do And Save You From Having To Buy A New Phone.

You Can Use A Toothpick For A More Gentle Way To Clean. Even Though A Toothpick Made Of Plastic Is Fine, One Made Of Wood Is Safer. Wood Doesn’t Let Electricity Flow Through It, So It’s Less Likely To Hurt You.

A Toothpick Can Also Be Used To Get Rid Of Foreign Objects In Your Port.

You Can Also Loosen Dust With A Bulb Syringe. Before You Use A Bulb Syringe, Though, Make Sure The Battery Is Charged. If You Don’t, You’ll Send Dust And Other Things Back Into Your Port. Work Where There Is A Lot Of Light To Avoid This.

If Your Charger Is Broken Or Damaged, You Might Want To Think About Taking Your Device To A Pro. They Will Be Able To Fix It For You.

They Can Clean The Charging Port And Check For Any Other Problems. After Getting The Phone Fixed, You Should Always Make Sure To Charge It.

You Can Clean Out Your Charging Port With A Toothpick, But Be Careful Not To Push It In Too Far. If You Do, You Might Break The Connectors Or Pins On Your Port. Another Option Could Be To Use A Post-It Note With The Sticky Side Down.

Putting A Piece Of Tape On The Sticky Side Of The Post-It Note Can Also Help Remove Foreign Objects From Your Charging Port.

Shaking Your Device Is Another Great Way To Clean The Charging Port. This Is Very Important If The Battery In Your Phone Is Dead. When Your Phone Isn’t Being Charged, The Port Will Be Pushed Down, Which Will Push Dust And Other Debris Deeper Into The Port.

Shaking Your Device Will Get Rid Of Dust And Other Dirt, And You Should Do This Often.

Check To See If The Charger Is Working.

If You Can’t Get Your Phone To Charge, The Problem Might Be With The Charger. In This Case, You Should Start By Checking The Charger Before Doing Anything Else.

Check For Signs Of Damage To See If The Charger Is In Good Shape.

Most Charging Problems Are Caused By A Broken Charger. Check The Charging Cable And Adapter To See If They Are Broken In Any Obvious Way.

You Can Also Try Using The Broken Cable To Charge Something Else. You Can Also Take The Charger To A Person Who Knows How To Fix It.

There Are Many Things That Can Go Wrong With A Charging Port. Most Of The Time, Moisture Is To Blame. This Can Happen When A Sensor Is Broken Or When There Is A Bug In The Software. Also, If Your Charger Is Old, It Might Not Send The Right Amount Of Electricity.

A Charging Problem Can Also Be Caused By A Clogged Charging Port. It Could Be Because The Port Is Full Of Pocket Fluff Or Other Things. You Can Use Compressed Air Or A Brush To Clean The Port. After Cleaning The Port, Plug The Phone In And Let It Charge For 30 Minutes.

The Battery Is Another Common Cause. If Your Battery Percentage Is Low, You Might Need To Get A New One. But You Can Still Fix The Problem By Turning Your Phone Off And On Again.

Try Starting It Up In “Safe Mode.” With The Ampere App, You Can See How Well Your Battery Is Doing.

A Software Glitch Is Another Thing That Could Stop Your Battery From Charging. By Updating The Firmware Or Software, You Can Fix It. You Can Also Take The Phone To A Service Provider Who Is Authorized To Check It Out.

Some People Find It Hard To Fix A Problem With How The Charging Works. For Instance, They Might Stuff The Phone’s Port Into A Bag Or A Pocket. This Can Stop It From Getting Power, Which Can Cause A Number Of Problems.

If You Can’t Get Your Iphone To Charge, You Should Bring It To The Apple Store. The Ac Adapter For Your Iphone Should Be Plugged Into A Wall Outlet.

When It Is Plugged In, A Big Battery Icon Should Show Up On The Lock Screen. Also, You Should See A Lightning Bolt On The Status Bar.

You Could Try Charging Your Phone From A Different Outlet. But You Should Be Aware That Some Outlets Won’t Work With Some Phones.

If You Still Have Problems, Try Charging Your Phone With An Iphone Or Ipad From A Friend. Make Sure You Have The Right Kind Of Ac Adapter For Your Device.

If You’ve Tried All Of These Solutions And Your Phone Still Won’t Charge, It’s Likely That The Charger Or Port Needs To Be Fixed. But If You Decide You’d Rather Fix Your Own Device, There Are A Few Easy Steps You Can Take.

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