What To Do If Your Phone Gets Wet And How To Fix It?

There Are A Few Things You Can Do If Water Gets Inside Your Phone And Breaks It. You Can Use Rice Or Tekdry, Or You Can Look Into Android Data Recovery Software.


There Are A Few Ways To Fix A Phone That Got Wet. The First Way Is To Take The Device Apart And Put The Pieces In A Bowl Of Rice. This Is A Trick That Has Been Used For Decades And Has Always Worked.

Even Though This Makes Sense, It’s Not The Best Way To Dry Out A Phone. Try Leaving The Phone Out In The Sun Or Using A Blow Dryer On Low Heat Instead Of Rice.

Putting The Phone In A Plastic Bag With A Small Amount Of Silica Gel Is Another Way To Do This. You Can Buy These In Packages, And They Soak Up More Liquid Than Rice. Instead Of Uncooked Rice, Which Doesn’t Work As Well, You Should Use Silica Gel.

One Of The Best Ways To Fix A Phone That Got Wet Is To Turn It On After It Has Dried Out Completely. If The Phone Is Still Wet, It Could Have Been A Short Circuit, Which Is Very Dangerous. Also, You Should Check To See If The Device Is Fully Charged.

You Could Also Use A Paper Towel Or Napkins To Soak Up The Moisture. You Should Never Use A Metal Toothpick Because It Can Damage The Electrical Contacts. It’s Also A Good Idea To Put The Phone In A Sealed Container With A Lid.

Soaking A Water-Damaged Device In Pure Alcohol Is Another More Complicated Way To Fix It. Alcohol Is A Good Way To Get Rid Of The Water, But It Can Easily Catch Fire.

Even Though The Rice Method Has Been Used For A Long Time, It Is Not Always The Best Method. Several Other Substances, Such As Kitty Litter And Unused Coffee Grounds, Are More Effective.

But If You Don’t Have An Emergency Kit, You Could Try Putting Your Phone In A Bowl Of Rice. Make Sure It Doesn’t Have Any Dust Or Starch On It. Rice Can Get Stuck In The Phone’s Ports, Which Can Cause More Damage Than Was Meant.

There Are Other Ways To Fix A Phone That Got Wet, But The Rice Method Is The Simplest.


If Your Phone Has Been Damaged By Water, You Might Want To Use Tekdry To Fix It. It Has Patented Technology That Claims To Be Able To Recover Photos, Contacts, And Other Important Data From Wet Devices In 20 Minutes.

A Company Called Tekdry Is Based In Denver, Colorado. Adam Cookson And Craig Beinecke Came Up With The Idea. Both Went To The Business School At The University Of Denver. Since It Was On The Show “Shark Tank,” The Business Has Grown Steadily.

It Can Also Keep Water From Ruining Other Electronics. For Instance, It Can Bring Back To Life A Laptop, An Electronic Key Chain, A Gaming System, And Even A Camera. Depending On The Device, It Can Cost Anywhere From $40 To $100 To Have It Repaired.

Also, Tekdry Has A Mail-In Service. After Sending Your Device In, It Should Be Fixed In About 24 Hours. But They Say It Should Be Sent In As Soon As Possible. If The Device Got Wet, You Shouldn’t Try To Charge It Because That Could Hurt It Even More. Also, If The Battery Can Be Taken Out, You Should Do That.

Tekdry Is Different From Other Dryers Because It Uses Low-Pressure Heat To Dry The Device. So, It Doesn’t Get Too Hot And Melt Sensitive Parts Inside The Phone.

The Patented Technology Of Tekdry Makes It Easy And Cheap To Fix A Broken Phone. The Company Says That Its Machine Can Fix Phones That Have Been In Water For Several Days. So, It Can Save You From Having To Buy Expensive New Ones.

Since It Was On Shark Tank, Tekdry Has Gotten More Attention And Made More Money. It Has Been Adding More Stores And Adding To The Services It Offers.

It Has Also Brought On More Workers. Today, Tekdry Is A Growing Business With More Than 600 Machines In Staples Stores And A Few Other Stores Across The Country. Also, Sales Of Goods Have Reached $650,000.

Even Though Tekdry Was Worth $10 Million When It Was First Pitched On Shark Tank, It Is Unlikely That They Will Go Out Of Business Soon. The Company Is Also Likely To Stay In Business For A Long Time.

Data Recovery Software For Android

Android Data Recovery Is A Good Programme To Use To Fix A Phone That Got Wet. It Can Help You Get Your Data Back From Your Device And Fix Some Of The Most Common Problems With Android.

The Software Can, For Example, Get Back Emails And Documents. It Can Also Help You Get Back Photos, Videos, And Music Files. As An Added Bonus, The Programme Works With Devices From Lg, Sony, And Samsung.

Using The Programme, You Will Be Able To See All Of The Data On Your Device And What Kinds Of Files Can Be Recovered. If You Want To Get The Most Out Of The Programme, You Should Turn On “Mass Storage” Mode And Let The Programme Scan Your Device.

After That, The Software Will Show A Preview Of All The Files That Can Be Retrieved.

You Will Need A Computer And A Usb Card Reader To Do The Best Job Of Recovery. The Software Must Be Able To Get To The Sd Card. After You Connect The Device And The Card Reader, The Programme Will Ask You To Choose The Storage Media You Want To Recover.

There Are Many Ways That Water Damage Can Happen To Your Phone. You Might Drop Your Phone In A Glass Of Water By Accident Or Even Take It Swimming. No Matter Why You Need To Recover Your Data, You Will Want To Make Sure You Have A Backup Of It First.

Get A Waterproof Bag. This Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do To Fix A Phone That Got Wet. This Will Stop Your Phone From Ever Getting Wet And Breaking.

Get A Good Backup Service Like Icloud As The Next Step. Another Good Choice Is Google Drive.

Lastly, You Will Need To Instal A Programme To Help You Get Your Files Back. To Do This, You Must “Root” Your Device And Turn On “Mass Storage” Mode. Then, The Software Will Be Able To Scan Your Device And Find Any Missing Data.

To Get Your Phone Back, You Will Need A Pc And A Usb Card Reader. After That, You’ll Be Able To Get Your Old Phone Back.

General Water Damage, Flood Damage, And Saltwater Damage

When Left In Water For Too Long, Water Can Damage A Phone’s Hardware And Circuitry. There Are Many Ways To Fix A Phone That Has Been Damaged By Water.

First, You Should Turn The Phone Off And Take The Battery Out. This Will Keep The Water From Hurting The Phone’s Electronics And Let You Take It Apart. After That, You Can Dry It.

The Best Thing To Do To Fix The Phone Is To Take It To A Pro. These People Can Clean The Corrosion Off The Phone And Get It Working Again. They Can Even Get Back Data And Pictures That Were Lost.

In Some Situations, You May Need To Completely Turn Off The Phone And Let It Dry Out. If, On The Other Hand, Salt Water Got Into Your Phone, You Need To Act Quickly. Salt Water Can Do Even More Damage Than Fresh Water Because It Is More Corrosive.

Once You Get Your Phone Out Of The Water, You’ll Need To Take Out The Sim Tray And Other Parts. You’ll Also Need To Look Under The Screen Protector For Air Bubbles.

The Next Step Is To Let The Battery Dry Out. To Do This, You Can Put It In A Ziplock Bag And Add A Few Tablespoons Of Baking Soda. This Will Help Stop The Salt Water From Destroying Things.

Last, You’ll Need To Put The Phone In A Bag That Can’t Be Opened. This Will Stop Water From Building Up Under The Glass Display.

Whether You Were In A Flood Or Dropped Your Phone In A Cup Of Hot Coffee, You Need To Act As Soon As Possible. Your Phone May Have Broken Parts On The Inside, So You Should Get It Fixed As Soon As You Can.

If You Don’t Know How To Fix Your Phone, You Can Take It To Your Carrier Or A Store Where You Bought It To Get Insurance. Normal Warranties From These Companies Don’t Cover Water Damage, But They Can Sometimes Offer Insurance As A Back-Up.

It Might Be Harder Than You Think To Fix A Phone That Has Been Damaged By Water. You Can Save Your Phone, But It Will Take Some Time And Some Basic Knowledge.

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